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Mydoodle3D-Turn your Child’s drawing into 3D figures


Visit our new page to turn your child’s imagination into physical 3D figures.

Simply take a snapshot of your child’s drawings or doodles and sens it to us!


Give your child the perfect gift! Take a snapshot of your childs doodle and we will create a figure of any character on it and send it to you. Watch the happiness in your child’s face when they see their imagination coming to life!

Imagination takes a physical form!

What you need to know before ordering your figure(s)!

Size: The size of the figures is limited to 12cm in height; the width and length can vary depending on each drawing.

Material: Material used is PLA plastic which is safe and biodegradable. The material can be sanded and painted with almost any paint and common brushes!

Colour: We offer two colours for printing; Silver and White. Silver is better for display and White is better for painting although both can be painted. (If you have another colour in mind just insert it in the text area before uploading the picture and we will print it in the desired colour if available.)

There is not a multicolour option per figure so kids can paint their 3D models any colour they can imagine.